Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Treasures of Tutankhamun and the Egyptian Museum of Cairo

Alessia Amenta
White Star publishers
ISBN 88-544-0068-8

This large but not huge volume is filled with wonderful photographs by Araldo De Luca with its text by Alessia Amenta. The book is not very in depth but rather a light look at the artifacts from ancient Egypt's main Pharaonic periods.

Each period is preceded with a description of that period and followed by artifacts, often famous with their individual descriptions. Famous indeed but I still found a couple of the objects that were unknown to me.

Despite the books name the objects belonging to the boy-king make up a nice selection without over dominating the book. The section on the royal mummies, of course, is represented by the usual kings so not much there.

The content of this book and the masterpieces chosen made for a morning read certainly an appropriate volume for readers young and old and those who have only a few minutes to glance at the pages. Short and Sweet!

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