Friday, March 13, 2009

The Land of Plagues

The Egyptian government is looking to pass harsher laws to stop the smuggling of antiquities these laws will only serve to keep in prisons people for many years at the expense of the well-being of the monuments.

In Dr. Zahi Hawass' book "The Valley of the Golden Mummies" Dr. Hawass tells about a theft of artifacts that took place in 1976 and that 24 years later those responsible were still in prison.

Those foreign institutions who pay to restore Egypt's monuments should not forget that Egypt cannot afford to pay for the restoration because it is too busy paying to keep people in prison without a second chance for decades. Now people like Dr. Hawass want to make the laws even more severe.

Foreigners and Egyptians alike should remember Egypt is a dictatorship and people are not objects! Apparently, the forgiveness in the Koran does not apply to Egypt.

The land of the plagues.

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