Monday, October 8, 2007

The Confession

"...King's wife Nubkhas, his royal wife in the place of his, it being protected with blocks covered in mortar. We penetrated them all and found her resting likewise. We opened their coffins and their coverings in which they were. We found the august mummy of this king,. There was a numerous list of amulets and ornaments of gold at its throat; its head had a mask of gold upon it; the august mummy of this king was laid with gold throughout. Its coverings were wrought with gold and silver within an without; inlaid with every costly stone.

We stripped off the gold which we found on the august mummy of this god, and its amulets and ornaments which were at its throat and the coverings wherein it rested. We found the kings wife likewise; we stripped off all we found on her likewise. We set fire to their coverings. We stole their furniture which we found with them, being vases of gold, silver and bronze. We divided and made the gold which we found on these two gods, on their mummies, and the amulets and ornaments and coverings into eight parts."

James Breasted:  The Documentary Sources of  Egyptian History

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