Monday, October 8, 2007

The Return to Thebes ca. 1465 bce

"Look to your feet ye people! Behold the load is very heavy! Prosperity be with us for the sake of the myrrh tree in the midst of gods land for the house of Amen, there is a place it shall be made to grow for Maatkare in his temple according to his command.

The loading of the ships very heavily with the marvels of the country of Punt; all goodly fragrant woods of gods land, heaps of myrrh resin with fresh myrrh trees, with ebony and pure ivory, with green gold of Emu, with cinnamon wood, khesyt wood, with ihmut incense, sonter incense, eye cosmetic, with apes and monkeys, dogs and with skins of the southern panther, with natives and their children. Never was brought the like of for any king who has been since the beginning.

Sailing, arriving in peace, journeying to Thebes with joy of heart by the army of the Lord of the Two Lands, with the chiefs of this country behind them. They have brought that, the like of which was not brought for other kings, being marvels of Punt, because of the greatness of the fame of this revered god, Amen Re Lord of Thebes."


The Documentary Sources of Egyptian History- James Breasted

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