Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Building Inscrition of Ahmose I ca 1540 bce

"Now it came to pass that his majesty sat in the audience hall, the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Nebpehtire the Son of Re, Ahmose I given life; while the hereditary princess were great in favor, great in amiability, kings daughter, kings sister, divine consort, great kings wife, Ahmose Nofretari who liveth, was with his majesty.

One spoke with the other seeking benefactions for the departed, to present libations of water to offer upon the alter, to enrich the offering tablet at the first of every season at the monthly feast at the first of the month, the feast of the coming forth of the sem, the feast of the night offerings on the fifth of the month, the feast of the sixth of the month, the feast of Hakro, the feast of the wag, the feast of Toth, and at the first of every season in heaven and of earth. His sister spoke and answered him; Wherefore has this been remembered? And why has this word been spoken? What has come into thy heart?

The king spoke to her; I it is who have remembered the mother of my mother, Teteshiri triumphant. She already has a tomb and a mortuary chapel on the soil of Thebes and Abydos, I have said this to thee in that my majesty has desired to have made for her a pyramid and a house in Tauzeser as a monumental donation of my majesty. Its lake shall be dug and its trees planted, its offering will be founded equipped with people endowed with lands, presented with herds, mortuary priests and ritual priests having their duties, every man knowing his stipulation.

Lo his majesty spoke this word while this was in the process of construction. His majesty did this because he so greatly loved her, beyond everything. Never did former kings the like of it for their mothers. Lo his majesty extended his arm and bent his hand, be pronounced for her a mortuary prayer..............."


The Documentary Sources of Egyptian History- James Breasted

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