Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coffin of the Weaver Nakht

Nakht was a weaver in ancient Egypt's 20th Dynasty, a profession which is believed quite lowly. However Nakht was buried in an expensive coffin while his body was not mummified and shows signs to have faced malnutrition during his life. The weaver and his coffin was found during excavations by Eduoard Naville at the temple site of Mentuhotep II at Deir el-Bahri.

Nakht and his coffin can be found in Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum. You can also read about the teenager and his coffin in the book "Conversations with mummies" by Dr. Rosalie David and Rick Archbold. The autopsy of the body of Nakht revealed a naturally mummified body with a badly damaged skull and his surprising mummified brain. The book also has some great pictures of Nakht's body.


Article by Owen Jarus

Photo of Nakht's coffin: Royal Ontario Museum

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