Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mr. Mummy at Home

This article and video are on the Egyptian collection owned by the well known Egyptologist Dr. Bob Brier who is also known as Mr. Mummy. Dr. Brier's collection includes thousands of books, and artifacts including a mummy arm which appeared to me to be Ptolemaic or perhaps Roman period.

Dr. Brier is certainly a very interesting character and the video which accompanies the article says it all!

Paul Boughton over at Egyptology News Network has posted some related videos of Dr. Brier


Kheops said...

The books, artifacts and memorabilies of Dr Bob Brier about ancient Egypt and...Napoleon Bonaparte are trully amazing...

And I know what I'm talking about

Jean-Pierre Houdin

tim said...

Hello Jean-Pierre

Dr. Brier and his work is amazing indeed!


Stuart Tyler said...

Mr Mummy has a fan in me. I downloaded his History of Ancient Egypt and popped it onto my MP3 player. I listen to his lectures on the way to and from work. I love his enthusiasm and passion.

I've purchased a number of books on his recommendation and believe the man to be an asset to Egyptology.

Now to look at the article. Thanks for this Tim,