Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reisner, Smith and David in 1907

Dr. Rosalie David of Manchester University and the Natural History Museum continue the fascinating work begun a century ago by George Reisner and Grafton Elliot Smith who excavated thousands of graves in lower Nubia before the flooding of the area by the raising of the Aswan damn in 1907.


Stuart Tyler said...

This is an excellent article Tim, with so much potential. Much was lost in 1907, as was the case 60-70 years later with the new dam. It will now be interesting so see what has been saved.

I know of no underwater project in Nubia, such as the project in Alexandria - but the "meticulous" approach taken may yet yield some very useful information....

As for the Egyptian Brains - these would only come from un-mummified bodies- otherwise they would be buckets of solidified "milkshake" wouldn't they?


tim said...

As milkshakes go it might be a bit chunky?

If I recall correctly the cemeteries involved contained burials which were not mummified though did contain dessicated human remains?

Stuart Tyler said...

That's interesting. It may be a mix of Egyptian/ Nubian - but best to follow the link i guess and see when the results come in...