Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Inventory Stelea

This stela was found by August Mariette during his clearance around the sphinx in the little temple of Isis east of the great pyramid sometime between ca. 1853-58 CE.

"He made for his mother, Isis, Divine mother; Hathor, mistress of Nun. The record was placed upon this stela. He gave to her an offering anew and he built her temple of stone again. He found these gods in her place.

The district of the sphynx of Harmakhis is on the south of the abode of Isis, Mistress of the pyramid; on the north of Osiris Lord of Rosta. The words of the goddess of Harmakhis were brought in order to be recorded.

---may he grow; may he live forever and ever facing toward the east.

As Horus lives, the King of Upper and Lower Egypt; Khufu who is given life. He found the abode of Isis, Mistress of the pyramid, beside the house of the sphynx of Harmakhis on the northwest of the house of Osiris, Lord of Rosta. He built his pyramid beside the temple of this goddess, and a pyramid for his daughter Henutsen beside the goddesses temple."


The Documentary Sources of Egyptian History- James Breasted

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