Monday, May 19, 2014

A Week of Discoveries

The recent events of the last week include the discovery from the Wellcome collection at Swansea University Egypt Center that a mummified baby in the collection long thought as a fake because the hieroglyphic inscription on it is meaningless, has through CT scans revealed the baby inside the wrappings probably is authentic.

The week also brought the discovery of a tomb of a 20th Dynasty royal messenger named Baser at Saqqara  south of King Unas' causeway. The messenger had the titles of "The overseer of the Egyptian army records" and "The King's messenger to foreign rulers".

If that was not enough there was  also the discovery of a late period "Chantress of Amun" buried in the Bastet cemetery at Saqqara near Tutankhamun's Wet nurse Maya. The Luxor Times has by far the best pictures of this find.

Lastly a Ptolemaic temple has been found at Beni Suef erected by Ptolemy Philadelphus, II., and yes it is the Luxor Times site that's got game this week!

Image of mummy W1013: Swansea University Egypt Center

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