Friday, May 8, 2009

On the Return from Eton of Trinkets

The Myers Museum at Eton has done what is correct as would be expected from an institution of its standing

The issue is not with the correct actions of the Myers or any other institution in doing what is right but rather laws which take trivial objects and criminalizes the ownership of such. It is one thing to see antiquities in books or museums but quite another thrill to own and appreciate them.

It is true that important objects representative of a people's pride and achievement belong in museums but that much of what has been created in history would be better appreciated in the hands of the common people, as it is Mr. Webb and Davey have left a legacy of dubious nature and a hundred years earlier and Eton would not have a collection of antiquities.

In the end, prohibition does not work and objects forgotten in drawers do not teach.

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