Friday, May 22, 2009

Dr. Hawass has Nothing to Explain

Dr. Zahi Hawass explains himself over criticism that he has been receiving but to a degree, I still think Dr. Hawass probably is missing the point. As I am an avid reader and have read numerous articles and many of Dr. Hawass' books I can tell you the doctor does indeed give credit where due no issue there.

The fine doctor often refers to Egypt's colonial days where foreigners made all the discoveries while the native Egyptians did all the dirty work and rarely received the credit due. Victor Loret's days in the Valley of the Kings is an example of credit hogging. Still, all the same, Dr. Hawass should drop the foreign history of excavation it clearly bothers him and gets under the nails of those countries who paid for those discoveries.

The good doctor may also recognize that the retention of everything found is not a sign of good will and surely must inspire ill-will to the current state of Egyptology including the doctor who often comes across as president Mubarak's mini-me.

Perhaps Dr. Hawass should tone it down and not look for friends in the foreign press.

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