Monday, December 23, 2013

Egypt to the End of the Old Kingdom

Cyril Aldred
McGraw-Hill Company
New York
ISBN: 9780070009950

This short book is particularly for the young as it is easy to read and understand with good reliable information. Part of what makes this book accessible to all ages is a good assortment of images which directly explain what the author is talking about.

As a person who has read many excavation reports and books on Egyptology and archaeology it is always a delight to find new information I have not heard before and images of artifacts that I have not seen before and this book has them both.

Too often Egyptian art is represented by the famous pieces, this tends to limit the imagination of the reader, but the pictures in, Egypt to the end of the Old Kingdom, are of many equally great objects though lesser known, making the book an interesting and thought worthy view of the subjects presented.

To the credit of the late Cyril Aldred belongs another fine book that will be the basis to a solid foundation of a young person's knowledge of ancient Egypt to the end of the Old Kingdom.

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