Monday, December 31, 2012

Amenhotep's Toe

A dramatic event has taken place among the royal mummies when workers entered the royal mummy room of Cairo's museum and found that the big toe on Amenhotep II's  right foot had fallen off. No it is not a bad case of leprosy and sure maybe it is not that dramatic but it is a reality that the mummies of the pharaohs are disintegrating and we the observer will watch as time passes as heads, hands and faces collapse and fall off.

It is a reality that no one knows better than those who are responsible for organic exhibits that they cannot last forever. In the case of the mummies of the pharaohs the viewers will watch as over time each one is slowly vested with its linen wrappings back.

"On this day the high priest of Amon Re king of gods Pinudjem son of the high priest of Amon Piank commanded the overseeer of the great treasury Payneferher to repeat the burial of King Aaenre"

Docket found on mummy of Thutmosis II: Theban Royal Mummy Project

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