Friday, January 3, 2014

Raising Funds

Professor Andrzej Niwinski of the Polish team excavating at Deir el-Bahari believes that his team is within 30 meters to the intact burial of Herihor complete with gold mask and jewels. A great triumph for Polish archaeology and the University of Warsaw.

Herihor was the High Priest of Amun between 1080 B.C. to 1074 B.C. , with grandeur to higher office at Thebes. Some believe that the damaged remains of the high priests burial including an impressive damaged gold bracelet and possibly a faience chalice, have already been uncovered and then there is also his book of the dead which he shared with his wife Nodgmet, and was found with her.

Just as likely Herihor and Nodgmet may have well been buried together but his mummy may have become lost or destroyed as a result of thieves ripping apart the mummy bedecked with borrowed jewels belonging to earlier New Kingdom rulers. Anyway people say and do what they need too in order to get funding, including the professors great hopes and who knows it can happen, and no one should know better than the fine professor.

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