Sunday, September 15, 2013

Professor Barry Kemp at the ROM

Professor Barry Kemp the director of the Amarna trust has been excavating at Tell el Amarna in middle Egypt since 1977. The sites name in antiquity was Akhetaten, the home of Akhenaten the heritic pharaoh who ruled the two lands in the middle of the 14th century bc.

Akhenaten dedicated the site to his supreme god, the Aten, a form of the sun god. Akhenaten's reign was a disaster that warranted the king to be regarded as "that criminal" and his memory erased from history by his successors.

Professor Kemp will be lecturing at The Royal Ontario Museum on September 19, 2013 for now here is an interview of the professor on the museums blog. The period of Akhenaten's reign is one of ancient Egypt's most popular subjects in modern times so I would expect it to be well attended.

Photo: Einsamer Schütze

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