Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Animal Mummies and a Mysterious Statue

This past summer a team of archaeologists led by professor Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner of the University of Toronto found the tomb of a priest at Abydos and temple storerooms including the discovery of 85 animal mummies. The mummies appear to be mostly dogs though there were also cats and other animals which were sacrificed and packed tightly in the small chamber. At some point a robbery occurred in which the mummies were disturbed and fell apart.

Also nearby in the next door chamber was the half rotted statue of a king. After cleaning encrusted mud and termite droppings off the statue it was found to have a narrow waist which some wish to believe that it represents the female ruler Hatshepsut. If so it would be the only known wooden statue of Hatshepsut though will be hard to prove.

The tomb is that of a priest with a name which involves the goddess Isis. The tomb contained shabti's and human remains.

Photo: North Abydos Votive Zone Project

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