Tuesday, February 28, 2012

British Couple Smuggles Pile of Junk

Luxor times is running a demand for an apology to the British couple who were caught taking a pile of cheap trinkets through Luxor airport. Luxor Times has come to the defense of the couple who have been probably already convicted in the public eye.

The couple has been released from custody and an investigation has begun. Even I could tell by the picture that many of the objects pictured were clearly tacky souvenirs. No doubt the investigation will cost a fortune and people visiting Egypt may want to avoid buying souvenirs that they can buy just as easily back at home.

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Stuart Tyler said...

"British Couple Smuggles Pile of Junk" Haha- great title. What a real embarrassment for all concerned.

When i visited Egypt i brought back books and some little bits for souveniers, but it is so true that you can buy almost all you see in Egypt at home. Depending on your haggling skills- it can be cheaper in Egypt though

The shabtis' inscriptions must've been "tourist" glyphs- so they would have stood out a mile.

Whoever made the arrests will be more than a little red- faced !