Monday, January 30, 2012

Egyptian Art at the British Museum

Here we have a 40 minute video that Mr. Michael Harding has taken of the Egyptian collection in the British museum. Mr. Harding is a stickler for details and this video displays this talent with some remarkable up close shots of inscriptions and details.

This video will present objects rarely seen in publications and especially if the viewer has not been to the museum. Very interesting as he approaches the famous barque of Mutemwia from behind and to it's left the falcon on the barque comes into view beautifully and he quickly passes by the rarely seen head of Queen Mutemwia from the statue.

The famous burial equipment of the 19th dynasty lady of the house Henutmeyhet is seen but most interesting is the remains of her mummy stuck to the bottom of her inner coffin. The video also shows one of the less marketed mummies in the museums collection.

Michael Harding: Westcoast Adventures

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