Sunday, April 17, 2011

Zahi Hawass Sentenced and Removed from His Job?

There are reports today that the head of Egypt's antiquities service Dr Zahi Hawass has been convicted of corruption and sentenced to a year in jail. Dr. Hawass has also been reportedly fired from his recent appointment as head of antiquities?

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Flix said...

Well done, although his indictment was over a totally unrelated event, it's good to see that Karma is a real force and does repay us for our transgressions.
His dastardly attempt to hide the existence of the Secret Caves of Giza after British Archaeologist Andrew Collins and his colleagues discovered them. His attitude was that if he didn't know of them then they weren't there. He continued to reject the theory that they led to the base of the main pyramid even though ground penetrating radar showed that they did,
He's hiding something, at least now he can do no more damage. What a scumbag!