Saturday, April 2, 2011

Inauguration of the Hanging Church

 After 13 years of restoration the 4th century Coptic church known as "The hanging church" will be inaugurated in time for Coptic Easter ceremonies. Dr. Zahi Hawass also points out that a number of other museums including the Suez and crocodile museums will be opening soon.

Dr. Hawass also announced that the hanging church will be receiving surveillance equipment which made me laugh especially when I think of the value of the surveillance equipment at the Mahmoud Khalil Museum which lost a Van Gogh last year aided by the fact that such equipment wasn't even on.

Perhaps instead of creating new museums Dr Hawass may want to protect the museums he already has including the national museum which visitors may still probably enter via the roof, I wonder?

A shameless display of publicity by a man most responsible for the neglect of the monuments!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news and for the picture! I was there in November 2007, but I don't think any of my pictures came out as well as this one. The light just wasn't good enough for my digital camera.

Oh, and I completely agree with you about Hawass. He resigned just so he could be begged to come back. It would have been best if someone else had been chosen.