Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Hammamat Inscription ca 1990 bc

Year 2, second month of the first season, day 15, Nibtowere Mentuhotep living forever.

His majesty commanded to erect this stelea to his father Min, lord of the highlands in this august primeval mountain........ order that his ka may be satisfied and that the god his desire, as does a king who is upon the great throne, first in thrones: enduring in monuments, excellent god, lord of joy, mighty in fear, great in love, heir of Horus in his two lands, whom the divine Isis, Min and Mut, the great sorceress reared for the dominion of the two regions of Horus, King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Nibtowere Mentuhotep IV, living like Re forever, he says;

My Majesty sent forth the hereditary prince, governor of the city and vizier, chief of works, favorite of the king, Amenemhet, with an army of 10 000 men from the southern nomes, and the.....of the Oxryrhyncus nome; to bring for me an august block of pure costly stone which is in the mountain, who's excellent things Min makes; for a sarcophagus, an eternal memorial, and for monuments in the temples of middle Egypt, according as a king of the two lands sends to bring for himself the desire of his heart, from the highlands of his father Min.

He made as his monument for his father Min of Koptos, lord of the highlands, head of the Troglodytes, in order that he might celebrate very many Sed Jubilees, living like Re forever.

Translation James Breasted

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