Friday, April 30, 2010

Dr. Hawass is Not a Terrorist

Here is another of Dr. Zahi Hawass' "Dig Days" though the dig here appears to be about english bureaucracy mistreating the fine doctor. Hey to Dr. Hawass bureaucracy sucks just ask the people of Qurna or those former residents in the way of the avenue of rams.

Dr. Hawass says "I think this means they treat all of us like suspected terrorists." There is that chip on his shoulders again and no doubt Dr. Hawass went into this embassy carrying it along with his exalted status as Egypt's vice minister of culture.

Disturbing is the use of a phrase like "all of us" coming from a man who fashions himself to be an ambassador for Egypt and its heritage. Certainly, Dr. Hawass should have acted better and shown more respect for the English Embassy and his position as a representative of Egypt.

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