Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Mummy of the Etherdome

In October of 1846 surgeon William T. G. Morton performed the first use of ether in an operation at Massachusetts General Hospital in the hospitals operating theater now given the name the Etherdome because of this event. In the operating theater was present among artifacts an Egyptian mummy named Padihershef which had been donated to the hospital in April of 1823 becoming an instant celebrity in a travelling tour that raised money for the hospital.

Since then Padihershef has been examined a number of times including recently when he underwent restoration and further examination. It seems undesirable that the mummy is exhibited in a standing position when he for his well being should probably be lying down.

Padihershef is a late period mummy believed to be one of the earliest intact Egyptian mummies brought to the United states.


Photo of Padihershef: Mummy Tombs

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