Thursday, January 10, 2013

Third Intermediate Tombs Discovered

Italian archaeologists have come across 5 late period burials at the bottom of shafts in simple tomb chambers. The burials found in wooden coffins were not mummies but skeletons and were found within the precincts of the mortuary complex of Amenhotep II.

Amenhotep II was the seventh king of the eighteenth dynasty succeeding his father the warrior King Thutmosis III. Amenhotep II is remembered as a cruel king and last month he lost a toe, well he didn't really lose it, it just fell off!

Photo: Iry-Hor.

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Rinkey said...

Why do you say he was a cruel king? Because he hang some warrior chiefs From he's boat? That was a something you must do in order of set an any case that does not prove he was cruel...