Friday, February 11, 2011

Liberation Day

Finally the long running dictator Hosni Mubarak has resigned and after 18 days the Egyptian people are liberated! Long may the Egyptian people live in peace and freedom!


Jose Rizal M. Reyes said...

the Egyptian adventures lately look like we can place our confident bets on this ancient people.
> last January, the Egyptian Christians (who mostly belong to the ancient native Coptic Orthodox Church) celebrated Christmas surrounded by Egyptian Muslims -- the action of the latter being meant to protect their Christian countrymen from threats of violence from extremists. that was a class act.
> and now they have just achieved this relatively bloodless regime change -- a quick and inspiring revolution that reveals the intensifying Flame of Freedom in the planet ... and a dreadful handwriting on the wall to all despots and tyrants around the world.

Jose Rizal M. Reyes
Philippines February 13, 2011

tim said...

Speaking of class acts, thanks for your comment Jose