Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is it Time for Mubarak to be Arrested?

President Mubarak has promised he will leave in the fall though I fear that if the crowds were to disperse that the dictator may be convinced to change his mind. Thirty years of oppression on the Egyptian people is not an acceptable means of stability and the countries monuments are secondary to the well being of the people.

Criminals always take advantage of unrest to do their deeds including damaging the artifacts which represent their forefathers achievements and worst even their forefathers earthly remains but they should not be allowed to distract the rightful course of dignity.

If Mubarak will not leave than maybe the time has come for his arrest in the name of restoring order. Reporters are being attacked and kept away from filming the battle in Tahrir square an event which no doubt Mubarak does not want the world to witness.

The international community hopefully will support the Egyptian people in their leaderless revolution regardless if they win the day or not and force Mubarak and his cronies out.


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