Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Berlin's Nefertiti

Here we go the 2011 edition of this tedious never ending issue which at this time seems a little inappropriate in talking about the loaning of priceless objects to a dictatorship in the middle of a period of transfer of power which will bring one party elections later this year. The expected transfer of power will go from father Hosni Mubarak to his son Gamal and some will say it was an inspired choice.

The issue of who owns this pretty lady is secure now! The issue of  running around the world attempting to shakedown desired objects from museum collections is another matter. Seeing if they can be shamed out of the objects desired can only serve to harden the resolve of those resistant institutions out of thoughts of loan.


Anonymous said...

Every time this issue comes up I think to myself thank goodness the Germans and other Europeans took items like this out of Egypt. The Egyptians themselves wanted to smash all the "stones" that were discovered to get at the "treasure" they thought might be hidden inside. Otherwise, why would the Europeans want them so much? The idea of learning about the past or saving art never occured to them. If the Egyptians had found these items, they'd either have been destroyed or would have been damaged in the deplorable conditions in Egyptian museums. They are getting much better, but many items are hopelessly damaged by the poor conditions at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

tim said...

Thanks for your comment Stephen

The condition of the displays within the museum is disgraceful. That's Dr. Hawass' idea of preserving Egypt's monuments!