Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dr. Hawass Wants Rosetta Stone

This article from Dr. Zahi Hawass is a bit of an oddball that leaves one with a view of a man who believes using reverse psychology on the English public will get the Rosetta stone returned to Egypt. I was not aware of that according to Dr. Hawass most English people want the stone returned to Egypt.

Dr. Hawass says about the stone "
a piece that has been stolen and passed on from one occupier to another". That six letter word does not help his cause.

Dr. Hawass goes on to say that the Egyptian authorities will not be silent until the stone is returned to Egypt, even if it takes a thousand years. Makes one wonder if the stone will still have any importance in a thousand years if it has not been destroyed by war, disaster or from people who cut up saints for relics.

Dr. Hawass has had a most remarkable career and as the guardian of Egypt's antiquities has been successful in many of his important efforts. However the good doctor has with time gained a reputation of threatening people who his cause still needs and whom will in turn freeze in objection as long as Dr. Hawass is in his job, or perhaps any job with Egypt's ministry of culture.

But the last word belongs to the doctor who said, "
I have embarked upon trying to regain the Rosetta Stone as well as other antiquities that I consider key to understanding the Egyptian civilization and ones that can best convey its superiority."


Kate Phizackerley said...

Do we know for certain where it was carved?

tim said...

Hi Kate

Grey granite was quarried at Aswan, no doubt its shape would have been developed there before shipping to a royal workshop say at Alexandria? Perhaps at the Temple at Taposiris magna but that's just a guess not for certain.