Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Underwater Portico

Divers have found a portico in the Nile in front the Temple of Khnum, there are no plans to retrieve it.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Take it Off!

Here Dr. Hawass is consulted and agrees with the Manchester museum covering its naked Egyptian mummies.

I however go for the mummies not the artifacts and hey if you want to look at my cold dead naked body why the hell would I care you sick pervert.

Grow up!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Athens Egyptian Collection

When one thinks of Athens they do not generally think Egyptian. However the Athens museum has put more of its Egyptian collection on to view including a loaf of bread baked in the new kingdom and missing a bite.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dakleh Oasis Project

A ton of great egyptology this research project from a site that has never been the most glamorous sites is a wonderful resource.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Donkeys at Abydos

The question of at what point the wild donkey became domesticated and why were these donkeys buried in the sacred precincts at Abydos.

Covering Mummies

The fine people at the Manchester Museum have covered their mummies out of respect apparently.

I certainly agree with the repatriation of human remains that are not on display but that does not mean hiding them that means reburial.

The mummies on display that are now covered have now lost their educational value and if Manchester does not want them to be seen than perhaps it is time for Asru and here companions to be returned to Egypt an reburied.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Drawings by Lepsius

Sotheby's is set to auction off books, maps and other documents including some drawing by famed egyptologist Karl Lepsius.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Necklace Stolen

Some jerk stole an Egyptian carnelian necklace from an American museum.

This article has a video.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Superstar

This is a rundown of Dr. Hawass's intentions for his excavations in the valley of kings.

Though most is already known Dr. Hawass failed to mention that the anomaly now regarded as KV64 was found by "The Amarna Royal Tombs Project".

Loved the photo of the tunnel in the tomb of Seti I.

Great things to come from the Doctor.


I resisted this story as it is in this authors opinion that understanding art with the perspective of a modern view is misleading of the ancient message being sent by a Kings propaganda.

In defense the erasure of this Kings memory by his successors has not helped in identifying the character of the King.

The royal family with the legs of antelopes fits in quite nicely with the anthropomoric nature of Egypt's Gods,

The Tomb of Roy

This is an updated version of one of the finest preserved tombs to survive from the end of the XVIII dynasty, Theban tomb 255 in the area of Dra Abu el Naga.



Sunday, May 4, 2008

Trashing Akenaten

It is really a miscarriage of truth when so called scholars judge the unusual king based on his sculpture. The idea of artistic freedom becoming physical sound miraculous.

This must mean that at the end of his life Akenaten's father Amenhotep III became young and virile again since that is what the sculptures of Akenaten's father Amenhotep III show.

Museum Lends Famous Queen

The Royal Ontario Museum will be lent to Monaco for an exhibit.

Returning Egypt

Artifacts set to go on auction in Europe have been pulled because they have been stolen.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Abbot Papyrus

There were sent inspectors to the great august necropolis, the scribe of the vizier and the overseer of the white house of pharaoh in order to inspect the tombs of former kings, the resting places of the nobles, located on the west of the city....

Tomb of Amenhotep I, the eternal horizon of King Zeserkare, L.P.H., the son of Re Amenhotep I L.P.H., which is a hundred and twenty cubits deep from its superstructure which is called "The high ascent, north of the house of Amenhotep LP.H, of the garden" The great nobles saying; "The thieves have broken into it." Inspected on this day; it was found uninjured by the inspectors.

Pyramid of King Intef I, The pyramid of the king, the Son of Re Intefo which is on the north of the House of Amenhotep of the court, of which the pyramid is destroyed before which its stelea still stands; the figure of the king stands upon this stelea his hound being between his feet named Behka. It was inspected on this day and found uninjured.

Pyramid of King Nubkheperre- Intef, The pyramid of the King Nubkheperre Son of Re Intef, it was found in the course of being tunneled into by thieves; they had tunneled 2 1/2 cubits into its masonry, 1 cubit from the outer chamber of the tomb of the chief of the oblation bearers of the house of Amen, Yuroi, which is in ruins. It was uninjured the thieves had not been able to enter.

Pyramid of Sekhemre- Intef, The pyramid of Sekhemre Upmat,Son of Re Intefo. It was in the course of being tunneled into by thieves at the place where its stelea of its pyramid is set up. Inspected on this day it was found uninjured, the thieves were unable to enter.

Pyramid of King Sobekhemsaf, The pyramid of King Sekhemre Shedtowe, Son of Re, Sobekhemsaf was found that the thieves had broken into it by mining through the base of the pyramid from the outer chamber of the tomb of the overseer of the granary of King Menkheperre, Nebamen. The burial place of the king was found void of its lord, as well as the burial place of the great kings wife, Nubkhas, his royal wife, the thieves had laid their hands upon them.

The Confession

...King's wife Nubkhas, his royal wife in the place of his, it being protected with blocks covered in mortar. We penetrated them all and found her resting likewise. We opened their coffins and their coverings in which they were. We found the august mummy of this king,. There was a numerous list of amulets and ornaments of gold at its throat; its head had a mask of gold upon it; the august mummy of this king was laid with gold throughout. Its coverings were wrought with gold and silver within an without; inlaid with every costly stone.

We stripped off the gold which we found on the august mummy of this god, and its amulets and ornaments which were at its throat and the coverings wherein it rested. We found the kings wife likewise; we stripped off all we found on her likewise. We set fire to their coverings. We stole their furniture which we found with them, being vases of gold, silver and bronze. We divided and made the gold which we found on these two gods, on their mummies, and the amulets and ornaments and coverings into eight parts.