Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in Brief

Among the finds of this past year was an Old Kingdom pyramid belonging to queen Sesheshet of dynasty 6 this find was moderately interesting as were the two empty tombs found near the causeway of king Unas.

Among the stars of 2008 in Egyptology must certainly be the CT scanning done on the royal mummies including unknown man "E" who's death and burial may not have been as brutal as some previous exam's lead us to believe.

But CT scanning was very popular for other mummies too.


Shep en min:

Unknown Mummy:

Son of Ramses II?

Mdina's Mummy:

Plus the discoveries of mummies of the old and Middle Kingdoms:



The discovery of monuments in Egypt including:

That big ugly head of Ramses II

Lovely Queen Tiye:

The return of stolen objects include:

The head of Amenhotep III:

The eye of Amenhotep III stolen from Karnak :

While the battle for others continues:

Mask of Kanefernefer:

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