Sunday, October 23, 2016

Queens of the Nile

A new exhibition called "Queens of the Nile" will take place at the Rijksmuseum Van Oudheden between November 18, 2016, to April 17, 2017. The show deals with queens of ancient Egypt's period of empire in the New Kingdom between 1500 BC to 1000 BC. Over 200 of the fine objects in this exhibition have been borrowed from Italy's Turin Egyptian Museum whose collection is renown for being second only to the Cairo Egyptian Museum collection.

A number of objects in the show were found during Ernesto Schiaparelli's excavations in Egypt's famous Valley of the Queens near Luxor at the beginning of the 20th century including finds from the spectacular tomb of Ramses II's wife Nefertari found in 1904. If you are in the Netherlands "Queens of the Nile" sounds like one of the most exciting exhibitions of the season.


1. Rijksmuseum Van Oudheden
2. Museo Egizio di Torino 
3. Leiden University
4. Egyptian Tourism Authority
5. Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands 
6. National Geographic

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