Friday, November 30, 2012

Valley of Kings Tomb KV8 Open

The tomb of Ramses II's thirteenth son King Merenptah is now open to visitors to the Valley of Kings. The tomb is one of the longest and biggest in the valley and has been closed for restorations for a number of years.

Most interesting is the restoration of one of the broken sarcophagus boxes which is now the largest in the valley. The well preserved mummy of the king was found in 1898 in the tomb of Amenhotep II.

Photo: Hajor, Dec 2002


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I was there today, beautiful tomb
But was quite disappointed that kv34 was closed,was that just today ? Or is it closed for slinger period of time ? Is there an official website with a list of open and closed tombs ? Thanks

tim said...

I would contact Luxor Tourism, they will have your answer. I myself would not want to miss the tomb of Thutmosis III.