Sunday, November 20, 2011

Egyptian Museum Safe

There are rumours that the Cairo Museum has been looted again during the current unrest in Tahrir square. The museums Director Tarek El-Awady has said that the rumours are false and that the museum is open for business and has had 13, 000 visitors in the last few days.

The museum was targeted by a gang of thieves who took advantage of the revolution in Tahrir square to rob the museums Amarna collection. More than 50 objects were taken of  which about half have been returned, some quit dubiously and convenient.

Still missing are most of Yuya and Thuyu`s shabtis several pieces of King Tutankhamun`s statues which were broken during the robbery including a tiny statuette of the king that use to rest on a goddess`head. Also missing are a number of pieces that occupied a cabinet in the Amarna gallery including a stone head of a princess.

Photo: BsOu10e01

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