Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Catalogue of Petrie's Finds at Naukratis

The British Museum is creating an online catalogue of Sir Flinders Petrie's finds from the ancient Egyptian Greek trading post of Naukratis. Petrie excavated the city in the mid 1880's and collected more than ten thousand artifacts from the smashed remains of the city.

The online searchable database is to include artifacts from not only The British Museum's collection but also 60 museums who sponsored Petrie's excavations including The Liverpool National Museum. Sir Flinders Petrie excavated in Egypt between 1880 and sometime after 1924 in the process he changed the entire field of archaeology including establishing a corpus of pottery to date the sites he was excavating.

Photo of Sir Petrie


CHN said...

Petrie's work at Naukratis was undertaken for the Egypt Exploration Society. See our recent article on the work at http://tinyurl.com/6ze2rqz

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