Tuesday, September 21, 2010

News from the Valley of the Kings

Over at Kate Phizackerley's Valley of the Kings site, there is an interesting conversation going on over her post Amarna Royal Tombs Project in the Valley of Kings. I myself have little hope that there is anything but broken pottery left in the valley and if the showman doctor had found anything we would know about it.


Kate Phizackerley said...

I think the evidence for unknown tombs is surprisingly strong. I know many people are most excited by Amarna era tombs but I really would like the tomb of Queen Isisnofret which is known to be in the Valley of the Kings. Even if it has been robbed, it could be more beautiflly decorated than the tomb of Nefertari but there is a tantalising possibility that it could be intact. We know so much mroe about kings than we do their consorts and an intact tomb of a major queen would excite me personally more than that of a pharaoh because of what it might tell us about the role of women.

tim said...

The intact tomb of Isisnofret would be a terrific find in the Valley of Kings or any tomb decorated for a queen intact or not. I am not really sure how good a candidate Isisnofret would be for the mummy known as Kv35yl, I think pretty good. It is surprising to me that a tomb has not been discovered well decorated, (kv42 is not well decorated)for an eighteenth dynasty Queen in the Valley of Kings.

I am with you in the thought that such an intact tomb would be an extraordinary find and in my opinion probably more important than the missing tomb of Rameses VIII.