Saturday, July 17, 2010

The End of an Era?

This article is from "The Economist" on the state of Egypt's affairs leading up to the elections in September 2011, for a new leader to replace the President for the last 29 years Hosni Mubarak. The article says that there is no apparent successor, not something Gamal Mubarak wants to hear.

The term election is used in the as light as possible, as the opposition party is not allowed to put up a representative for the job, only the ruling party and President Mubarak need concern themselves with this decision. The article judges the mood of the Egyptian population and services provided to them including education and health.

The promises of the coup of 1952, when the King was thrown out have never materialized though the secret police have. Today Egypt's dictator Mubarak rules as a King and it may appear to some Egyptians that the fortunes and discontent of 1952 are being repeated.

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