Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Egyptology and Repatriation

Dr. Zahi Hawass is announcing that there will be a number of new discoveries revealed in the next few months including discoveries at Saqqara. He also says he has also granted permission for a robot to enter the great pyramid to explore the shafts.

Dr. Hawass is set to reveal his interpretation of the results of the CT scanning of the royal mummies including Tutankhamun and mummies supposedly related to him. The doctor in this article seems assured that he has located the mummy of Akhenaten, no doubt the KV 55 remains which are almost certainly closely related to the boy king.

Finally, Dr. Hawass talks about the upcoming conference involving 30 countries on the subject of repatriation of antiquities to countries of origin. participate countries include Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, China, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, Korea, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Peru.

Absent from that conference is Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, United States, Canada and Switzerland making the conference questionable even before it starts, and yes those objects which Dr. Hawass covets most received mention again!

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