Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dr. Hawass on Nefertiti

This is an interview with Dr. Zahi Hawass and Spiegel Online and though the interview is brief the question and answers that regard the Berlin bust of Nefertiti are of interest.

Dr. Hawass said: "Around two months ago I petitioned the Berlin museum administration to share with me the exact details of Nefertiti's "emigration" and to send all and any material that relates to the legitimacy of that process. To this day, my request has not been answered".

I am confused why Cairo needs paperwork which should be only duplicate material to that in the records of the Supreme Council of Antiquities? If worse came to worse the motives or intentions of the German expedition should not be of value to the question of what the representative of the Supreme Council of Antiquities decision was!,1518,656046,00.html

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