Thursday, January 8, 2009

Queen Sesheshet Found?

A despoiled mummy of what appears to be the mother of the Old Kingdom ruler Teti has recently been found within the burial chamber of her ruined pyramid.


Geoff Carter said...

Excellent post - This is a great discovery, this is going to be an amazing year in Egypt. & More awards for Zahi!

Vincent said...

The Inquirer states that Hawass said gold coins with hieroglyphic inscriptions were also found. I can't remember the date that coins were first used in Egypt but it certainly wasn't that early, I think it was almost 2000 years later!

Looking forward to seeing more reports.

tim said...

Hi Vincent

To my knowledge only one gold coin was ever minted bearing Egyptian hieroglyphs these hieroglyphs were nubnefer meaning "fine gold". The coin in the Kestner museum may date to the 30th dynasty.

Geoff Carter said...

Dynasty VI gold coinage - the Teti dollar - that would be fun & games!