Monday, January 21, 2008

Bury it Yourself

I have kept this story bookmarked since last October no not because it was about the Altes Museum and the German government dealing with the Nefertiti bust displayed at their museum and the Egyptian government's desire to get their hands on it for the opening of the Amarna Museum.

Rather it was the generosity of the Germans who offered to return 90 pharaonic mummies back to Egypt. Egypt's top antiquity Dr. Hawass's response was that these mummies were of no importance took me back even though I could see that the gift was a red herring.

Perhaps the German officials should have also offered to send the cash to rebury the 90 people who are clearly unwanted. This episode made both sides look bad and the fine doctor should have spoken with more grace in regards to the plight of the ancestors who can't get no respect. Good Grief!

Unfortunately, the link no longer works.

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