Thursday, October 21, 2010

The New Luxor

This article concerns the rapid development of Luxor including the loss of the village of Qurna and worse the development of the Avenue of Sphinx's which has resulted in the use of bulldozers to do archaeological work and the removal of  the people and buisness' in the area the government wants turned into an open air museum.

The people doing the bulldozer archaeology are not interested in the history of Egypt in the area of Luxor after the fall of Pharaonic Egypt and are no doubt even damaging the archaeology that they want preserved with such clumsy techniques as using a bulldozer. Sadly for all the damage being done along the avenue of Sphinx's the finds are paltry and fragmentary with most of the statuary that once stood on the site being destroyed and carried away for building materials in ancient times.

The Egyptian authorities responsible for this legacy are President Hosni Mubarak, Minister of culture Farouk Hosni, Deputy minister of culture Dr. Zahi Hawass and Luxor's governor Samir Farag.

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