Thursday, July 28, 2011

Known and Unknown Kings

As my readers will know I have been silent through the latest ins and outs of Egypt's antiquities service if it is still legal to be referred as, probably more a sense of irritation than deafness finding my amusements in another direction.

I had almost completed another book review that I was working on last winter but then the revolution took place and my book review became completely inappropriate, not the best time to do reviews on colonialism. Very poor timing?

Certainly this downtime is a good time for little to nothing to happen in the field of Egyptian archaeology except preservation and security of those zones until the nations people determine their destiny in the fall., though filling back in a certain restored avenue to protect it from becoming a sewer sounds a little amusing if not entirely irresponsible or appropriate!

I have found myself this summer clearing out my cupboards one of which is where I keep my print outs of online books and bulletins, (I imagine a certain doctor might be doing the same thing), and getting rid of most of them but then I came to an old favorite from "The Giza Archives Project", Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin Vol. XVI, No. 97, October, 1918, "Known and Unknown Kings of Ethiopia" by George Reisner.

The bulletin contains wonderful images of pyramids still filled with numerous artifacts belonging to the royal dynasties of Ethiopia and told by the great man.

This bulletin I will be keeping in my collection!

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