Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Pyramids by Ahmed Fakhry

Ahmed Fakhry
The University of Chicago Press
Library of Congress No. 61-8654

This 249 page read from the University of Chicago press contains many images and schematics to help in the explanation of the monuments including at the back of the book a listing of all the known Egyptian pyramids as of 1961 and their base measurements.

Though I have to admit I have never been that interested in pyramids the most interesting I have found are the middle kingdom funerary monuments. The author is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and introduces interesting information that I have not heard before.

Mr. Fakhry explains the pyramids in their apparent chronological order including their associated mortuary and valley temples. The author explains lots of excellent history of previous excavators to the various sites including the measurements of the monuments which at times caused me to glaze over.

I guess my lack of interest in Egyptian pyramids is because almost all have been found to be empty of their ancient contents unlike the pyramids of the Sudan which though violated still contained large quantities of funerary material.

I was very impressed by the thoroughness of the author's descriptions and it is a clear and easy read the subject of the book was excellently presented and I would recommend this book.

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