Thursday, September 22, 2011

The First Wonder

First occurrence of Sed jubilee

Year 2 second month of the first season, day 3

This wonder which happened to his majesty : that the beasts of the highlands came down to him; there came a gazelle great with young, going with the face of the people before her, while her eyes looked backward; she did not turn back until she arrived at this august mountain, at this block, it still being in place, for this lid of this sarcophagus. She dropped her young upon it while the army of the king was looking. Then they cut off her neck before it and brought fire. It descended in safety.

Now, it was the majesty of this august god, lord of the highlands, who gave the offering to his son, Nibtowere, Mentuhotep IV, living forever, in order that his heart might be joyful, that he might live upon his throne forever and ever, that he might celebrate millions of Sed Jubilees.

The hereditary prince, count, governor of the city and vizier, chief of all nobles of judicial office, supervisor of everything in this whole land, the vizier Amenemhet.

James Breasted: The Documentary Sources of Egyptian history


Stuart Tyler said...

Hi Tim.

I love the inscription. Poor old Gazelle. Not only did it help them to find the specific rock to be used for the Sarcophagus- but lost its life in return.

A lovely insight to the minds of the Ancients though.

What is meant by "this August god"?

Thank You,

tim said...

Hi Stuart

Hope all is going well for you. The term "August God" I take to mean beautiful God? Though I may be wrong?