Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Glory of the Revolution

Dr. Zahi Hawass has announced the building of still yet another "museum" this time it is to mark the Egyptian revolution. A full on snooze fest, no doubt large parts of the museum will be devoted to the glory of the pharaoh Mubarak.

Sounds like a tool of the dictators propaganda machine being disguised by being announced by the vice minister of culture to make it look cultural! I am sure foreign tourists will rush to the "museum" and I can see the colossal statues now which Egyptian's who need re education will pass by on their mandatory tour of the "museum".

One is always amused when exposed to such shameless propaganda with the obvious decades of subsidies that will be required to keep the re education center "museum" open.

For know I am sure the pharaohs men are busy chiseling out the name of Nasser on those colossal statues and replacing it with Mubarak. On the positive side those tourists rushing to the "museum" will have two more public bathrooms to use to the glory of the revolution.

What some dictators will do for attention!

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Shemsu Sesen said...

Let us hope Nefertiti doesn't end up in this new museum. It would be a shame to go through all the effort Zahi is going through to repatriate her, only to have the entire bust under a veil.