Monday, October 8, 2007

Hatshepsut's "Great Royal Nurse" In: UPDATED

People who are familiar with Egypt's cached royal mummies will be aware that many of them were found in possession of coffins bearing other peoples names.

The recent case of Dr. Zahi Hawass's discovery that one of the two kv 60 mummies is that of Hatshepsut has left many as regarding the other mummy from kv 60, the one in the coffin trough as the great royal nurse Sitre In.

I would point out that the nurse may never have been buried in the valley of kings, the coffin may have been brought by the ancient restoration parties to secure anyone found by the priests without a coffin left.

The assumption that tomb 60 belongs to the wet nurse is exactly that.

Also the mummy of the wetnurse the Lady Rai buried only two generations before has her arms pendent at her side.

The remaining lady from kv 60 as well as the two women found in tomb 21 may just as well be the most important Matriarchs of the early to mid eighteenth dynasty royal family.

Perhaps one of them is Hatshepsut's mother Ahmes.

The other lady from kv60 , the so called "wetnurse" might make a suitable wife for the mummy of Thutmosis III meaning she being the " Great Kings Wife" Hatshepsut Meryet Re.

The burial of a wet nurse in the valley is today unprecedented and perhaps inappropriate.


Anonymous said...

Uh...What was her name? I am doing a paper on Hatshepsut and I need to know her nurse's name. There are probibly other people who want to know this too.

tim said...

What was left of the coffin inscription said her name was In. The implication that this is the coffin of Hatshepsut's wet nurse (Sitre) In.